Instrumentation for Inorganic Analysis

ICP - Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer (Perkin Elmer Optima 2100) Scans sequentially for many elements in one analysis.
Applications: quantitative determination of metals and some non-metals (P, S) at ppm levels. Identification of unknown samples.

AA – Zeeman Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (Graphite Furnace - Varian SpectrAA-400) Has lower detection limits than the ICP spectrometer.
Applications: quantitative determinations of metals of environmental concern, where higher sensitivity is required (ppb – parts per billion).

IC - Ion Chromatograph (Dionex DX500 and DX600) For quantitative determination of anions and cations.
Applications: inorganic anions and cations, organic acids and bases, thiocyanate and polyphosphates. Also, sugars, sulfide, cyanide and hydrazine, as well as transition metals e.g. Cr(VI) (by post-column derivatization).

Titrators (Mettler DL38, DL53, DL70) Two general purpose titrators (DL53 and DL70) for acid/base, redox, chelation and ion-pairing titrations in aqueous and non-aqueous media.
Applications: Acid numbers, saponification numbers, purity checks, ammonia, etc.
Titration methods are developed for the specific needs of our customers.
The DL38 titrator is dedicated for determination of moisture content by Karl-Fischer titration.