Instrumentation for Physical Measurement

Particle Size (Shimadzu) A light scattering based instrument capable of measuring the particle size distribution ranging from 0.1 to 350 µm.
Applications: solids dispersed in water or aerosols.

DSC - Differential Scanning Calorimetry (Mettler DSC-20) Used to study thermal transition of inorganic and organic materials, especially polymers.
Applications: heat capacity, glass transition, melting point, crystallinity, purity.

TGA – Thermogravimetric Analysis (Mettler TG-50) Used to determine the weight change in a material as temperature changes. It is complimentary to DSC to characterize material through their thermal properties.
Applications: drying, decomposition, oxidation

Viscometer (Brookfield Model DV-I+) Used to measure fluid viscosity at a given shear rate.
Applications: measure of fluids resistance to flow

UN Sustained Combustibility (also Fire point) of a Liquid Standard method to test for sustained combustion (fire point) at two temperatures with two wait times and triplicate tests.