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Contract Analytical Testing & Consulting

Centricor Analytical Labs has been providing independent, contract analytical chemistry services to a wide range of global industries for over 20 years. Our laboratory prides itself on a long history of utilizing the highly diversified experience of our staff to maintain and continue building our reputation of providing reliable, scientifically sound and often creative solutions to our customers.

From routine analysis to method development and the most technically complex projects, the Centricor Team will work with your company to provide the high-quality analytical results you require with timelines that fit your business needs. We see ourselves as an extension of your company and take pride in helping your business to succeed.

Currently Pursuing ISO: 17025 Certification

Notice of Pending Accreditation

Chemical Troubleshooting

Centricor is a full-service analytical laboratory. We can work with your experts to help you identify the causes of your production issues and non-conformances. Having access to state-of-the-art technology and a wealth of experience, we can help your team gain insight on how to solve your most challenging production issues or customer complaints.

We perform troubleshooting analysis on in-process as well as final products. Working with your experts, we can help track your issues by testing for:

Quality Comparisons

Materials Identification

Centricor can provide the regulatory support your business requires. As environmental, health and safety regulations become tighter, allow Centricor to help you keep your products in compliance. We have the ability to perform trace levels analysis to identify:

Regulated Chemicals
Hazardous Waste
Our laboratory is equipped to identify a variety of organic and inorganic materials and perform precise measurement of physical properties.
Centricor Labs can perform different types of FDA migration studies, EPA protocols, ASTM methods and USP regulations.
Our principal scientists can also serve as expert witnesses to provide compelling evidence and persuasive testimony to support you.
Our chemists can deformulate (reverse engineer) competitive products to separate and identify components for quality comparison or to determine possible patent infringement or breach of trade secrets and confidentiality agreements.